Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's Not There

Molly smiled at me. We’ve been hanging out a lot lately, well since Julie’s accident.
“So, what’s been going on between you and one George Standford?” Molly winked.
“Since he told me all we’ll ever be is friends? Nothing much, really. I haven’t even seen him in a few days. He’s been out of school.” I sighed.

Molly stopped dead in her tracks. “Julia.” She started.
“What?” I asked.
“I think you need to come with me.” She had a sad look in her eyes, and began to pull me to the center of town.
“Where are we going?” I asked, looking around.
“Look.” She pointed to a billboard.


“No. No, no, no, no, no.” I kept repeating the word ‘No’ as I looked up at George’s face under a big, bold word that I never thought would be written above his, out of anyone’s face I knew.


“Oh, Julia.” Molly pulled me into a hug. I sobbed in her shoulder, outside, in public, where anyone could have seen me.

That’s how much George means to me.

“Where’s the police station?” I asked.
“Just around the corner. Why?” Molly asked, but then paused. By the look on her face, she understood what I had to do.

“Let’s go.” We nodded to each other and bolted to the Police Station.

As soon as we entered the station, I began fearing for my life.
Thugs, thugs, and more thugs.

Molly looked pale. I began to shake, but still, George needed me.
I defiantly walked up to the first Police Officer I saw.
“Excuse me, Sir.” I tried to get his attention.
“Yes, Miss?” He asked.
“Do you have any information on the disappearance of George Standford?” I asked.
”Yes.” He nodded.
“Where could I get that?” I asked.
“Oh, sweetie. Don’t worry. The police have all of that under control. You just go home and play with your dollies.” He smiled.

“Excuse me?” I asked, my temper getting the better of me.
“We have it under control. In fact, we have a whole search team looking for his body.” He explained.


“WHAT?” I yelled, drawing attention to myself.
A woman with curly black hair, who had puffy brown eyes, came up to me.
“Julia?” She asked.
I immediately realized who it was.
“Oh Ms. Standford, I’m so sorry!” I explained, hugging her. George’s mom must have been in hysterics, and by the look of her, she obviously was.
“My baby. He’s gone.” She sobbed in my shoulder, stroking my hair.
“My Harrison, he’s gone.” I whispered to myself, hoping no one could hear.
“We’ll find him, don’t worry Ms. Standford.” The officer smiled.
“I will worry, thank you very much. George is my son. We need to find him.” She sniffled and looked at him.
“Alive.” I added. Molly nodded.
“We have all of this under control.” The police officer wouldn’t stop.
“If you have everything ‘under control’, then why haven’t you given me one of your ‘hourly updates’ in five hours?” George’s mom raised her eyes.
“Uh…” That sure shut the Police off.
“Come on, Girls. I’ll take you home.” She turned to Molly and I.

In the car, we got all of the details out of Ms. Standford.
“He was walking home a couple of days ago from the park. A person in a van approached him, and he’s gone.” She sobbed.
”Wait, so that means he still has his phone, right?” Molly asked.
“Oh my. MOLLY, YOU’RE A GENIUS!” I exclaimed.
“I never thought of that!” Ms. Standford exclaimed.
“Call him!” Molly urged me.
“Okay.” I said and pulled out my phone and punched in his number.

It rang, and rang, and rang.
“Hello.” George picked up.
“GEO-“ I yelled, but was interrupted by.
“It’s me, George. I can’t come to the phone right now. But leave a message and I’ll get back as soon as I can, bye.” His voicemail stated.

I slowly shut my phone and began to cry.
“He didn’t pick up, did he?” Ms. Standford asked, staring blankly ahead at the road.
I shook my head, no words came out of my mouth.
“This isn’t fair!” Molly exclaimed, then her eyes grew.
“What are you thinking, Molly?” I raised an eyebrow. Molly’s plans have always been known as………….. risky.

“How many people know about George’s disappearance?” Molly asked Ms. Standford.
“Not enough, especially if his best friend doesn’t know.” She stated.
“Perfect.” Molly rubbed her hands together.

Ms. Standford and I shared a confused expression. It got weirder when Molly pulled out her Flip video Camcorder and began recording.

“Hey everyone. I have some really bad news.” She began.
“George Standford has gone missing. I know what most of you are thinking, ‘why should I care?’ Well, imagine if he was your brother, or cousin, or son, or even your boyfriend or best friend, because, he’s that person to a lot of people. If we join together, we can find him, and all of the other people that have gone missing. So please, pray for George. Thank you.” She pushed the ‘save’ button and sent it to all of her websites.

“Thank you, Molly.” Ms. Standford smiled at her.
“No, Thank you Ms. Standford. For giving the world George.” Molly said the words for me.
“Let’s get you girls home.” Ms. Standford smiled, and drove us home.

George, we’re going to find you.
And I am going to beat the person who took you to a bloody pulp.



  1. OMFG!!!!!!! I'm so sorry Julia!
    My mouth was open the whole time I was reading this!

    Rebecca and I will Help!
    Cuz Julia's first crush and a really nice boy is not going to go MISSING!


    I am sure you'll find him. Poor guy. I know he'll be alright, I just know.

    All the best,
    Lia <3

  3. :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O