Thursday, March 3, 2011

Barber Shop Blues

I sat down by Julie.
“Julie.” I started.
“What?” She asked.
“George…. Is…..” I trailed off.
“Missing.” She finished.
“How did you know?” I asked.
“Television.” She made a gesture towards her TV.
“Oh.” I sighed, looking down.
“Julia.” She started. I looked up.
“Find him.” She whispered her first sentence with two words.
“I’m honestly try-“ I was cut off by my phone buzzing.
“One second.” I held up my finger, then took my phone out and answered it.

”Hello?” I asked.
“JULIA COME QUICK!” A frantic Ms. Standford nearly screamed.
“Where are you?” I asked, my pulse quickening.
“AT THE POLICE STATION!” She exclaimed, then hung up the phone.
“I have to go.” I stated to Julie.
“Find him.” She repeated.

I nodded and then made my way to the police station.

As I busted my way through the doors, Ms. Standford grabbed my hand and pulled me to her car.
“What happened?” I asked.
“THEY DROPPED THE CASE! NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE!” She yelled, then began sobbing on my shoulder.
“Ms. Standford, there, there. We’ll find him. I feel it in my veins.” I whispered, trying to calm her.
“But…Where….Could….He…..Be?” She asked in between sobs.
“I don’t know, we could try calling him again.” Ms. Standford looked at me.
“CALL HIM!” She exclaimed and then sniffled.

I pulled my phone out and dialed his number. It rang again, and again, and again.
“He has it on.” I whispered.
“LISTEN!” She whispered back.
It rang, and rang, and rang until…..
“Julia?” George asked.
I screamed.
“GEORGE!” I yelled.
Ms. Standford screamed as well.
“Where are you? Are you alright? Why do you sound out of breath?” I asked all at the same time.
“Where are you?” I asked again.
“By Mr. Merlow’s Barber Shop.” He panted.

Ms. Standford jumped in the car and I got in the passenger seat.

“GEORGE!” I yelled.
“GEORGE?” I asked again.

He hung up the phone.

”DRIVE FASTER!” I squealed.
”I’M DRIVING AS FAST AS I CAN!” Ms. Standford yelled back.
“THERE THERE THERE!” I yelled, pointing to the corner of the barber shop.

We pulled over.

He wasn’t there.



  1. OMG!!!
    How dare those stupid cops DROP the case!
    Just cuz there wasnt enough evidence!
    Thats so stupid!

    I actually thought you were going to find him at the Barber shop...Apparently not...

    I hope you find him


  2. You'll find him. Now he knows your looking for him, he'll keep in touch.