Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Friends With Flashbacks

Julie looked up at me. I looked down at her.

She shouldn't be in that hospital bed, she should be up and running around, and harassing me about my crush on George.


If I had remembered the asthma she had and how bad it was, I would have never agreed to that stupid race we had right before she passed out. It's all my fault.

As if she read my mind, she shook her head.
"Stop reading my mind." I replied with a soft smile.

She's conscious, and she can barely talk. I don't know how that is the case, but as long as she's conscious I'm happy.

"You'll get through this. We Albright's are tough cookies." I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
She smiled softly.

At that moment, a ton of flashbacks were thrown back into my mind.

-F L A S H B A C K-
"JULIE, I'M GOING TO CATCH YOU!!" I yelled in a squeaky little voice. I was about six years old and so was Julie. We were racing in the park, as we always did back then, but then, out of nowhere, she collapsed.

"JULIE!" I yelled and bolted to her side. "G-G-Get Mommy." She was having trouble breathing. I remember running home (Thankfully, our house was really close to the park) and getting my mom. I remember the tears rolling down my face in the car ride there. I remember how shocked I was when we found out she had asthma. I remember how I promised myself that I wouldn't let Julie get hurt.


"Well I failed at that. I failed you, Julie." I whispered, unwanted tears welling in my eyes.
She slowly grabbed my hand and squeezed it. She shook her head as she did so.
"No." She whispered.
All I could do was smile, half-heartily of course. I didn't want my sister's last words to be part of a pointless fight.
"Day." She whispered again.
"What?" I asked.
"Day." She repeated, a little louder this time.
"How my day was?" I asked, hoping that I understood.
She nodded.
"Oh, my day was okay. Didn't get a lot of homework. Ryan said that he's going to visit on Friday and he's going to be here everyday next week because it's break." I filled her in on everything.
"Sisters." Julie whispered.
"Mine or yours?" I asked with a smile.
"Both." She mirrored my smile, only her's was a bit weaker.
"Liz and Rebecca miss you like mad. Well, you obviously know that, they're here everyday. My sister's are fine. Becca's still conceited, Callie and Cindie are still best friends, Molly's still a rock star, Pru's getting better, Felicity's still climbing trees. Same old, same old." I smiled.
"Good." She whispered.
"They wanted me to give you these." I pulled out a bouquet of perky, white daisies.
"Daises." She giggled. But it didn't sound like a giggle.
"You're favorite." I added, putting them in a vase next to her hospital bed.
"George." She had a mischievous grin on her face.
"No." I folded my arms.
"Standbright." The danged grin grew.
"Nopes." I shook my head.
"Georgie." She giggled.
"FINE! I will tell you." I smiled, secretly, I had been dying for her to ask about George.
"Standbright." She smiled. If she weren't in the hospital, I'd give her a witty remark.
"We went out for ice cream today." I smiled.
"Dating?" She asked.
"No, we're not dating, it was just a friendly thing. Well, anyways, we went to Icie and he got......." I stopped mid-sentence because, as soon as I looked down, I saw Julie sleeping soundly.

I'll tell you all about it though.

"Hi, welcome to Icie, how can I help you?" The cashier asked with a smile.
"I'll have the...." George trailed off. He looked at all the flavors and decided on one.
"Mint Chocolate Chip." He stated.
"Okay, coming right up. And you?" She asked me.
"I'll have a Cookies and Cream, please." I smiled, politely.
"So polite and posh." He whispered to me as the cashier was scooping our ice cream.
"Shush." I laughed.
"'Hello, I'm Queen Julia Albright the Seventh.'" He acted like he had a Posh British accent and did the queen wave.
I erupted in giggles.
"Here you go." She smiled as she gave us our cups of ice cream.

Fifteen minutes later, George and I were sitting on two of the swings in a nearby park and we were high on a Sugar Rush.
"And I was like, OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" He said like a Valley Girl.
"I KNOW RIGHT." He yelled back.
I got off my swing and ran to the slide.

It's warming up now, but still no one was at the park.

I ran up to the top of the stairs on the slide and yelled.

George ran up behind me and pushed me down the slide.
"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I screamed like a little kid. I fell off the slide and landed on the pebbles.

"OWIE!" I yelled.
"JUWEA!" George yelled, running to my aid.
"What?" I asked, half of me was still in a Sugar Rush, and the other was normal.

Well, as normal as I am.

"You okay? I'm really sorry." He apparently went through the same thing I did.
"Yeah, it's fine. What did we do?" I asked, rubbing my head.
"Ran around town yelling the words to random kid songs." He smiled.
We erupted into a round of loud, obnoxious laughter.
"Ah, you're my best friend." He smiled.

I don't know why, but his words were engraved in my heart.

"You're my best friend too." I smiled half-heartily.
His phone rang, he picked it up.
"It's my mom, she's probably wondering where I am. I'll see you later, Seashell Eyes." He winked at me, then got up and left.

"And the Academy Award for Best 'I-Like-you-more-than-a-friend-but-i-won't-let-you-see' goes to Julia Albright." I muttered then began walking to the hospital.




    Girl I want some ACTION!

    If you want me too I will help you get him to be your boyfriend!

    Elizabeth- REBECCA! Stop trying to hook people up! Julia can get George on her own!

    *SIGH!* Alright! Alright!
    But seriously think about it!
    *Lizzie gives me the evil eye*

    We hope that Julie will survive!
    That flashback was sad! I almost started to cry!


  2. Get some action! Listen to Rebecca!

  3. Julie will be fine, I promise. That flashback made me shed a tear. George will one day be your boyfriend. I can tell he likes you ;)